How Coaching Works

What is the format of health and wellness coaching? 

A standard coaching engagement begins with a 3-month (12 session) commitment.

Initial Session 

The initial coaching session involves an interactive process as you envision your preferred future, explore your motivators, and consider how to build on past successes while harnessing potential challenges as learning opportunities. You will set 3-month goals for the coaching engagement.

Follow-up Sessions 

Weekly 30-45 minute sessions involve reviewing your weekly action steps, delving into a topic you would like to focus on more deeply, and setting action steps for the coming week.

Final Session

At the end of 12 weeks, we will review and reflect on the progress you have made to date on your wellness vision, explore what you’ve learned, and develop a plan to help you maintain gains. You can decide whether or not you wish to continue with coaching to support maintenance of gains and/or pursue additional goals.

What are the components of health and wellness coaching? 

Wellness vision: a compelling statement of who you are and what health promoting, life-giving behaviors you eventually want to be doing consistently

Three-month Goals: something you would like to accomplish, or actions that you would like to be doing consistently, by 3-months from now

Weekly action steps: mini goals, also called “behavioral experiments,” that take the form of SMART goals each week and lead you stepwise in the direction of your 3-month goals and wellness vision