ADHD Coaching for Adults

For a long time, it was though that kids typically “outgrew” ADHD—but now we know that’s not always true. Also, until recently it was rare for an adult to be newly diagnosed with ADHD. But now that ADHD is more widely understood, adults who may never have been diagnosed when younger are learning that the reason much of life has seemed challenging for so long is that they have ADHD.

If you have ADHD, or executive functioning challenges, working with a professional coach is having a partner in learning to manage life in ways that work best for you. A coach can assist you in any number of ways, for example: help you understand ADHD and how it impacts your life, identify your strengths and challenges, learn how to build on your strengths to develop new skills and strategies for managing challenges, and set and achieve goals of your choosing.

You identify what you want to work on in coaching, and, as your coach, I offer encouragement and structure for exploring, learning, designing actions, assuring accountability, and achieving forward movement. I work with each client to help build the individualized structures, supports, skills, and strategies needed for success.

Coaching is a collaborative partnership between you as the client and me as the coach, a partnership that assists you to become more effective at working with your strengths, meeting your own goals, and managing life with ADHD.

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Thank you for your brilliant attention. You moved me forward and out masterfully. With great appreciation.

Sheila Kutner PCC, Pennsylvania Communication Coach and Co-Principal, Fast Track Academy February 13, 2017

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Liz holds a great balance between being direct as well as exploratory. She makes sure that you do what you say you want to do during coaching sessions. She remembers each different aspect and asks questions that tie them together. Liz helped me to gain an insight into my strengths and how to develop strategies to turn my weaknesses around. Professionally, as a coach, I learned a lot .... I became more effective in how I use my time in work and came away with some strategies that helped me resolve the tension between goals and action.

Dr. Kerryn Griffiths, Australia Professional Coach and Educator Founder & Global Coordinator of ReciproCoach February 13, 2017