ADHD Coaching for Young Adults

The young adult years are an exciting time, filled with increased independence, new decisions, and many transitions, as well as personal commitments to college, relationships, career considerations, and/or work life. These years can also be a challenging time.

Working with a professional ADHD Coach is having a partner to support you during this phase. A coach can assist you in drawing on your strengths, in developing strategies and structure, and in providing encouragement, support and accountability. A coach can be your partner in addressing the challenges of this time of life, including identifying direction and developing actions and approaches that help you meet your goals.

Coaching is a collaborative partnership between you, as the client, and your coach, a partnership that assists you to become more effective at meeting your own goals. You are in the driver’s seat, providing the issues, ideas, direction and goals. As your coach, I offer encouragement and structure for exploring, learning, designing actions, assuring accountability, and achieving forward movement. I work with each client to help build the structure, support, skills, and strategies they personally need to assure success.

Young adults, as well as others, can work directly with a coach on challenges they face managing (and balancing) school, work, family life, personal health and wellness, relationships and future plans.

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I worked with Liz Ahmann off and on for a few years while I was in college. At first, I was reluctant to try coaching, but over time I realized that I was getting better at planning things, developing routines, and solving problems. Liz helped me figure out how and why my executive function issues created challenges for me. Coaching helped me to learn new skills and to feel less overwhelmed.

Sarah S., Indiana College student, honors February 13, 2017

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Thank you – I think you are exactly what my daughter needed.

Elena W., Pennsylvania Mother of a college student February 13, 2017

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I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH! for coaching me through this journey … and being a factor in my road to success. You’ve been a real help, both in my studies and in my personal life (relationship issues and emotional stuff). Hugs to you!

Jason S., Maryland Massage therapy student February 13, 2017